COVID Supply Chain

COVID has severely impacted the garment industry worldwide. Many different countries provide raw materials and have manufacturing facilities to make the garments. Each country has made decisions for shut downs and quarantining based on their situations. This has caused shortages around the world. Products sold on this site may become unavailable suddenly. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Returns and Exchanges

Due to the fact that each shirt and item is made custom to your order we cannot accept returns or exchanges. 

Damaged Shipment

If you receive an item that has been damaged in shipment or has a defect from the factory please email orders@homeschooloutfitter.com within 72 hours of delivery with the following information:

1. Order Number

2. Description of damage

3. Photographs showing the entire item and the damaged area. 

The claim will be reviewed and options provided. 

Order Cancellation

Due to the rapid order fulfillment process order cancellation is not possible. The production team starts on your order right away and the ink process cannot be reversed. 

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